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NEW FOR 2007:

Vampire Bridal Couple. These are great props if your in a hurry to decorate. I got them on sale for $14.00 each at big lots. Nice foam and latex. I hung these guys in an aspen tree and when the wind hit they moved perfectly. If you don't have wind or just want these indoors, use a small fan so the fabric floats.

Picture1197.jpg picture by rockster18


Picture1198.jpg picture by rockster18

Floating Reaper: Got this guy at Michaels fine arts and crafts store. He was about $20.00 and well worth it. The only thing that I don't really care for is that annoying music it plays. It has two modes so it can be by censor or by the push of a button. I hung this indoors infront of the large front window. He also has eyes that will light up red if you turn them on and a black light that show's off his movement. I suggest drapping all black as the backround. Video to come soon.

Picture1146.jpg picture by rockster18 

Donna The Dead: I got this great prop at Michaels. She was onsale for about $85.00. I diden't think long hair really suited her so I cut it off. She reminds me of a childer of the corn kinda person. She moans and sways as her eyes light up green. Some suggestions I got from her were to take the pumpkin off her hand switch it with a bloody knife or head! She sat at the end of the stairs going off when ever someone walked by. Not to mention she's 5ft tall!

Picture1206.jpg picture by rockster18

Picture1205.jpg picture by rockster18

Video link curtesty of YouTube.com http://youtube.com/watch?v=NAicSf7Rn74


Picture1207.jpg picture by rockster18
Heads Up Harry: This guy came to me from wal-mart. He was around $110.00 wich was cheap to alot of people. He has a few saying and lifts his head completly up. He stands 6ft tall. I would pre order one from walmart.com these things are rare in the store.

Video Link Curtesy of Youtube.com http://youtube.com/watch?v=RDu26NwbQtc


Picture1200.jpg picture by rockster18

12ft Clown: Got this guy at Big Lots. He was only $40.00. Well worth it to me. He hangs 12ft high with a great colorfull draping gown. He has gient hands that reach out and a visous smile with choppers teeth. You have the options to let his eyes light up red but I don't think it does him justice. This would be a great prop to hang from the top of your garage. Recomend him to anyone.

 363002758.jpg picture by rockster18

The Mummy Returns: This guy came from Big Lots. He was 40.00 if I remember correctly. His eyes light up and his head moves from side to side. Not really worth the $40.00. I unwrapped his head piece. It makes him look so much spooker. I don't really recomed this one unless your up for some searoius remodeling on him.


363002749.jpg picture by rockster18

Everyone's favorite talking Borris: Yep if you guessed Big Lots you were right! And only $12.00 bucks too! He's great for a varity of things. A whole page should be made just for him. I used him for my trick or treaters. I made a candy table that had a whole in the middle. So when the tots came you could reach your hand up. Instead I set him up in a basked, surrouned candy on the base and when the kids came well he gave them a little scare.

 363002746.jpg picture by rockster18

Smoking Skull- Got I think three of these guys at biglots after halloween. only like $6.00 bucks or something. I tried one and it seemed to work. Next year they will on the beverage tables at the party.


          2008 Props coming soon