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Welcome to the Pumpkin Zone. This is a place for your kids! Below you'll find a bunch of kid friendly activitys. Feel free to print them off.



                                                Coloring Pages              

I'd love to post your colord pictures around the site. So once you print them off scan them  or send them to me at hkhaunt@yahoo.com It would sure make a nice friendly touch to the site. :-) If you wish to draw your own that's cool to. Just include a first name and and age. Anyone is welcome to partiapte~ New ones will come monthley~





  Word Search Bonanzza


                                Maze -Tackular!

Can you solve the maze below? How many tries will it take you? ~ This one is pretty darn hard. Even I coulden't figure it out! Good luck! Muhahahahahahahahaha.

Operation Save the Kitty! Can you get through this haunted house? Be the first to save the kitty and you shall be decleared the halloween hero of the month! Who ever shows proof and dings Halloween King first will win! The winner will be Member of the Month and will be featured on there own page! Good luck! Must turn in April 1st!


  More activitys to come soon...