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I would like to make a page for the pearents. Not that you don't alreaddy know this info but it's always good to refresh. Sit down and talk with your kids about Trick Or Treating. Halloween is a night of fun but it can only be like that if it's safe. So here are some tips.



    Just a few fun safty tips for your little ghouls on Halloween night.

1. Always bring a big enough sack to hold all your candy. Pillow Cases or fabric made ones are best. We all love those little plastic bags but they don't hold well.

2. Always travle in a buddy group. A buddy group is four or more people.

3. Always take some form of light. You never know what you could run into in the dark. Maybe zombies or just a tree branch.

4. Make noise. Making noise will allow other people to here you if you get in trouble. At least two people in the group should always have a wistle around there neck.

5. Be on the look out. Older kids might want to take your candy! But you fool them instead. Sike them out by using your wistle. This will draw attention to other people.

6. Only travle to homes that have a light on the front porch. Sometimes other homes go all out by adding a diffrent color. You be the judge. Make the right choice.

7. Always have someone help check your candy before you eat it. Just in case the bitter bugs got in it.

8. Never go into a home unless you know the person really well or unless there's an adult there with you. Think of it as vampires and witchs living there.

9. It's good to take a water bottle or two with you. With all that trick or treating you'll need a small brake.

10. If you have a cell phone make sure it's always on and with the volume on high. This is a major safty reason. If your trick or treating with out your pearents they may need to get a hold of you. Also use it for emergenices and just to check in.

Halloween is a night of fun. Safty comes before fun. Make sure to let an adult know if there were any places that were giving away innapropriet stuff so they can contact the local authoritys.