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What an exciting time it is here at HK HAUNT. I finally have a semi website up and running. Oh it's just been to long. Well here at HK HAUNT you will find all things halloween. I will be hosting several contest through out the year so check back here often to see if it's one your interested in. Also I know it's alot of work putting togther a website, so if you have a HALLOWEEN related website or other HOLIDAY and would like to put a banner or something on my site let me know I'll be glad to help you addvertize.


                            HK HAUNT News



        Greeting Card Contest

This year I would like to host a Halloween Gretting Card Contest. See info below if interested.

WHAT: Halloween Greeting Card Contest 2008. I, Halloweenking am looking forward to sending out Halloween Cards this year. I would like them to be personalized so that's why I'm hosting a contest. The winner will recive a spooky cool halloween prop prize. I'll have members of the halloweenforum vote.

WHERE: Your home.

WHEN: Submistions are due June 1st, 2008. So get working!

REQUIRMENTS: The only requirements are you have to make it yourself and agree to let halloweenking post them on HK HAUNT. :-)

If you have any comments or questions please e-mail halloweenking (or james) which ever your prefeer at hkhaunt@yahoo.com



                    Halloween Forum Secert Reaper 2008


Hey it's that time again to start the offical sign up for the 2008 Secret Reaper Halloween Gift Exchange. Please read the info posted below.

EVENT: 2008 Halloween Gift Exchange

WHAT IS IT? The Secret Reaper is a Halloween gift exchange. The members of this forum will trade something that is Halloween related. This can range from decor, cookbooks, party supplise or homemade objects.

WHAT IS THE FEE TO JOIN? To join in, it is free. However as everyone knows it reciving a dull gift can suck and kill the spirit of the season so we have set a mineum budget of $15.00. If you would like to spend more than this feel free to.

WHATS THE SIGN UP DATE? To be apart of the 2008 SR please be signed up on this page no latter than MARCH 20th.

HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT I WANT? When you sign up this year please include a small wish list of what you like and of what you don't. This might make it a little eaiser for your secret reaper.

WHEN WILL I FIND OUT WHO I GOT? The sign up dead line is March 20th. I plan on pming you on April 1st with the person you have. SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR INBOX THAT WEEK.

HOW WILL SHIPPING WORK? If your out of the US and would still like to play, there's no problem there. Just be aware the most members are from the US.
If you DO NOT want to ship out of the country then please say so on your sign up sheet. Otherwise you will be paired.

HOW WILL I BE MATCHED? This year I will be matching people electronically.

WHAT IF I BACK OUT? If you back out you shall fear the secret reaper shall appere. No really if you wish to back out that is completly fine just let HalloweenKing know so he can make sure the person still recieves a gift.

If there are any comments or questions you can e-mail me (halloweenking) at secretreaper08@yahoo.com
Sign up for this years 2008 Secert Reaper today!You can find the threaad in the general halloween section.  Z.
               SAVE THE DATE          
MARCH 20th: Please be signed up by this date at secretreaper08@yahoo.com
APRIL 1st:I would like to get everyone there secert reaper by this date.
         UPDATE: March 17th
Sorry the dates have changed.More people have signed up. The people that I have recived confermation e-mails from have been paired up. You can view the secret reaper page to view the list. Sorry this ain't much of a secert anymore. Just wanted to get everything done on time. Once you view "the list" please contact that person on the Halloweenforum and send them your address.This way you'll know who had you so you won't have to worrie about someone ripping you off. If you wish to back out send me an e-mail and I will try and find another person. The rest is all on you guys. If you'd like to keep it a secret than e-mail me NO LATER than March 26th. The list will be posted on MARCH 27th on THIS SITE. Any other comments or questions can be sent to:
secertreaper08@yahoo.com. Any sent to my inbox at the halloween forum will not be read as I'v recived to many. Thanks for understanding and thanks for particapting this year.
AKA. HalloweenKing