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Welcome to the Secret Reaper page! This page was made for the Halloween Forum's haunters gift exchange. Each year someone from the Halloweenforum will host and organize the Halloween gift exchange. For the past two years memember Halloweeking has took on this challenge. Each year the secert reaper grows with new members joing in the fun. This year the exchange will be held in March and April so members will get a chance to start early.

                                      Check back here for futer pics of the secert reaper!




 2008 Secret Reaper List

    Please view. WHOLE Page not just your name. There is important info on the bottom. :-)

           Cycle 1 Shipping

Fallen Corpse will ship to: NY Haunter

NY Haunter will ship to: Hallorenscene

Hallorenscene will ship to: Mr. Halloween

Mr. Halloween will ship to: The Gothic Princess

The Gothic Princess will ship to: BonemanB

BonemanB will ship to: Pandora

Pandora will ship to: Fallen Corpse

Cycle 2 Shipping

Laurie S will shop to: Rikkie

Rikkie will ship to: Bethene

Bethene will ship to: Frenchy

Frenchy will ship to: Scottish Scarcer

Scottish Sacrcer will ship to: The Auditor

The Auditor will ship to: 13 Mummy

13 Mummy will ship to: Ms. Meeple

Ms. Meeple will ship to: Boo Berrie

Boo Berrie will ship to: M Hooch

M Hooch will ship to: Laurie S

 Cycle 3 Shipping


Angle Eye will ship to: Maddam Turlock

Maddam Turlock will ship to: Mr Unpleasant

 Mr Unpleasant will ship to: Memm 22

Memm 22 will ship to: Kallie

Kallie will ship to: Child of the Night

Child of the Night will ship to:CoalMiners Ghost

Coal Miners Ghost will ship to: Scare Shack

Scare Shack will ship to: Dave in the Grave

Dave in the Grave will ship to: Angle Eyes


 *Once you have viewd this list, please messege me for the address. That's how I know your searious about this. Plus it saves alot of time for everyone.

*If I have missed anyone, let me no ASAP AT I will add you to the list.

                  Quick Member Profiles.

   Your essential guied to getting the perfect secert reaper gift.

Child of the Night

Likes: Anything Spooky

Dislikes: All that cute crap.


Likes: Scary stuff and stuff that she could use for outside.

Dislikes: Gory, Cute and movies.

13 Mummy

Likes: Any scary props. She's simple.

Dislikes: Cute Stuff, Costumes, Makeup and Movies.

The Auditor

Likes:Witches,Jack O Lanterns, Vintage Look, Midnight Syindicated.

Dislikes: Gore


Likes: Cemetary Related,Gargoyles and skeletons.

Dislikes: Cute stuff, Folk art and movies.

M Hooch

Likes: Witches, Jack O Lanterns, Harry Potter related.

Dislikes:Gore. Nuthing saw like. :-)

Scottish Scaracer

Likes: Any scary props. (something good to get him would be a michael jackson dummy) haha.

Dislikes:Cute, non prop related. (guess michaels out)

Dave In the Grave

Likes: Creppy stuff,outside displaying

Dislikes: Gore and cute. (who blames him?)


Likes:Mid night synidicated, ghost hunters (contact her to find out wich ones she has)

Dislikes: Gross, Gory and Sick. (but it's halloween for crying out loud. :-)

The Gothic Princess

Likes: Witches, Yard Haunt stuff, tombstones, Harry Potter.

Dislikes: She says NONE. :-)


Likes: Victorian Style,Cemetary, Tombstones, Haunted Mantion style.

Dislikes: Gory stuff

CoalMiners Ghost

Likes: Anything Halloween. Bats, Skellys, Creepy.

Dislikes: Cute and Pumpkins (hey you said anything halloween.) haha.

Angle Eye

Likes:Gory,Creppy,Pumpkins, Horror related. (just check out the avatar on halloween forum)

Dislikes: All that cute stuff


Likes:Anything that can go outside.


Boo Berrie

Likes:Cemetary related, Western, Haunted Hoe Down theme.

Dislikes: Stuff that's too gory.

NY Haunter

Likes:Anything really. :=)

Dislikes:Frogs, Extream Gore. (PLEASE NO FROGS. REALLY)

Ms Meeple

Likes: Humerous Halloween stuff. (YOU ROCK MS.MEEPLE)

Dislikes: None of that gore crap.

Memm 22

Likes: Pirets, Disney,Skulls.

Dislikes: Carnival, Clowns, Anything that's not scary!

Laurie S

Likes: Pumpkins, Indoor decor, Horror, Mystery.

Dislikes:Anything gory. (another one of you guys)

Mr. Halloween

Likes: Anything! (YOU ROCK Mr. Halloween)

Dislikes: Wimpy (like Barbie)

Frenchy (I loves you in Grease) :=D

Likes:Everything related to wizards and witches. Indoor and Outdoor. Harry Potter is a plus!

Dislikes: Gore, Gross and just plaine old sick.

Scare Shack

Likes: Gory. Anything haunted/horror related.

Dislikes: Cute Stuff. (go figure)


Likes: Spooky Cute Stuff, Victorian.

Dislikes: Gore.

For those of you who arent listed, please send me your likes and dislikes along with your member name and I'll post them here for ya. :=)

News Update: 3-29-08

There are still some people that signed up in the thread on forum. They were kinda late and I missed them. So sign up is still pending for a few. It's great having them play. So if you need the address to your person immdeitaly please let me know. Other wise they probably won't be out for another week or so. OR you can ask them for your self where they'd like it shipped to.Thanks for understanding. This is pretty big this year. Next year Im makin t-shirts! :-0)