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Welcome to the Commets and Questions page! I coulden't get the guest book to work on here so if you have anything you'd like to say regarding this site please e-mail hkhaunt@yahoo.com . Anything is welcome. Just leave what you have to say in the e-mail with your member name or real name. :-) It's all appricated.



Q. Who is the creator of this site?

A. James- AKA. HalloweenKing :-)

Q. How do I become a full member?

A. You alreaddy are if your a member of the HalloweenForum. If not then you still are. :-)

Q.What is this site all about?

A. That's a great question! This site is all about Halloween. It's for the people who love halloween. It also is just something to do on a rainy day. It features games, actvitys, cool contest and more. Also it's great if you have your own personal website that you'd like to addvertize.

Q. Is this site affliated with the Halloween Forum?

A. Not at all. All though I highly recomed you join that site.

Q. How do I addvertize my site or forum?

A. It's simple. Send James the link to your site. He has to approve it before hand just to keep bad one's away. Then he'll okay you and you can make signs, posters and links. Send them to James and he will post them. All sites and forums will be posted for 3 months. If you wish to renew them you may. It is 100% FREE. James just loves helping people out. Espically if it's a halloween site!

Got a question that's on your mind? Send it into james today!


                           Guest Comments

We love hearing from you! please leave us some comments at hkhaunt@yahoo.com and will post them here! :-) Please leave your name and the place your from. :-)


It's great your site is up! It's looking great! I'll check back weekley!

-Sarah, NY

hk haunt

nice site. it's cool.found you stright from craigslist. ill be back and im joining the halloweenforum as well.

-Rachal, Denver,CO