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This is the contest and other fun activity stuff. Check back here often to see if there's a contest you would like to enter in. Each winner will recive a prize from Halloween King. :-) There will be one contest held every month. You may enter as many as you want. I privet poll will be made to determine the winner.Each month will be diffrent. So be sure to check out the rules and requirments. The winner will also be featuerd on this site as Halloweenier of The Month. Good luck and have fun!

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WHAT: Halloween Card: I will be hosting a Halloween Greeting card contest. It's a contest to see who can come up with a great halloween card designe for me, Halloween King to use for the 2008 Halloween Season.

REQUIRMENTS: The card must be done by you! You must sign the card with your name! You must allow Halloweenking to make copies and send them out to all his friends at the

START DATE: The offical start date is April 10th, however you can start anytime.

END DATE: The Halloween Card Contest will end on JUNE 1st. Please have all submestions sent via e-mail to

OTHER INFO: You agree to let Halloweenking show off your work on this web page and to use it for the Halloween season. You will be reconized for your work.


              2008 Secret Reaper

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The 2008 Secert Reaper is underway! What great news that brings to friends at the Halloweenforum! Please check out the information on the home page and on the secret reaper page! There is still time to join in for this years haunted gift exchange!